Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Hot Day at the Zoo

September 3, 2013 was a hot day in San Diego. It's been hot and muggy for us for over a week. I know that the best time to go to the zoo is when it is cool. Even rain is better than heat for the zoo animal activity. But I had the day off, it was the first day of school for most of the kids in San Diego and I figured the zoo would be pretty empty. I was right, there weren't many folks at the zoo at all.  I did get one shot of this tiger with airplane ears and a fresh bone. I am sure my friend Frank will know which tiger this is. Check out the comments and maybe he'll let us know there. I was pushed out of the tiger area by a whining screaming child. His parent kept dragging him back to take a photo of them with a cell phone in front of the tiger.I was patient until the fifth time the parent dragged this screaming tot back to the glass. Then I decided I'd had enough. The whole reason I braved the heat is because I figured the zoo would be quiet and peaceful after the long weekend. I wandered around the zoo a bit but the animals were hiding for the most part just as I expected in the heat.

I figured the reptiles would be happy in the heat and humidity. They were active and visible even more than normal. More than one type of Cobra posed for me. I was treated to seeing the Komodo Dragon fed some mice. These were very small for Komodo Dragons and on the inside of the exhibit area, not the very large one well known at the zoo that is all by itself. In any case I was amazed that they swallowed one mouse after another for a total of FIVE mice each! Of course they swallowed them whole. What amazed me is I couldn't see where the mice were after they passed those jaws. If you've seen a snake eat a mouse you know that there is a visible lump of mouse in the snake. Not so with a Komodo Dragon. After eating five large mice they looked the same as before they ate them. I found that strange. You won't see any photos of that action. I was too busy being amazed and enjoying the show.

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

I have just a few more shots from the day uploaded here if you'd like to see more.