Saturday, December 19, 2015

Big Surf in San Diego

Big surf hit San Diego California on December 12th and 13th 2015. I checked the surf reports and found that the swell would be hitting Sunset Cliffs pretty good. I stopped by Ocean Beach Pier first even though I knew the pier would be closed. I've seen the waves larger here before, but it was pretty spectacular and fun to watch anyway. 

The walk along the cliffs to the south of the pier was also closed. You can see why in the next photo.

The tree they traditionally put up on the beach in OB every year was looking a bit threatened by the surf and tides. The burm will have to be reinforced in the next few days.

From OB, I went on to Sunset Cliffs and it was rocking. Standing on the cliffs, I could not only feel the spray of the large waves hitting the coastline but I could feel the earth move under my feet! 

I watched a number of folks get wet. If you see the cliff you are standing on wet it is a good indication that when the next large set rolls in, you'll be hit. Some people don't know enough to think of this and others just don't care.

I have about 115 photos in a gallery of the big surf on December 12, 2015 here there are also some photos from the Cabrillo Monument Tide Pool area in this gallery. Although the tide pools were not accessible on this day, the coastline was getting hit hard with waves. To some, the images may seem repetitive but for me, the nuances  are enough to include them. I'll post a separate blog entry for the next day of surf. On December 13th, the surf was still very large but the chop had left and the waves were formed to a surfers dream.