Sunday, May 29, 2016

Group Shoot at Leo Carrillo Ranch

It was a beautiful day at Leo Carrillo Ranch. I was traveling light and didn't bring a long lens. There are always peacocks at the Ranch but I figured I'd taken their photos before so I'd focus elsewhere. I couldn't help myself once I was around these birds strutting their stuff. You can learn more about the ranch here. The peacocks in all their glory are in this post.

Peacocks like to hang out on the tops of buildings. Anyone that has visited the San Diego Zoo has viewed them on top of buildings there. It is different at Leo Carrillo. The peacocks roam free and have a different attitude toward people. They are very relaxed.

The back side of a male peacock is just as impressive as the front side in my humble opinion. No matter which way they turn they are beautiful.

There is even a white peacock at Leo Carrillo Ranch. It was off in the distance. We waited for awhile hoping that the white peacock would fan it's feathers. We were rewarded the wait.

Pure white from all directions.

There are always interesting flowers at the ranch.

Leo Carrillo has many things at the small ranch to make photographing  fun. There are only a few structures but they are interesting looking.

It was a fun visit. If you haven't visited Leo Carrillo before, I recommend it. You can't beat the price. Free admission! I have a few more photos from the day you will find here, at my Zenfolio site.