Sunday, January 29, 2012

Leo Carrillo Ranch

The SDDSLR group had the January shoot at Leo Carrillo Ranch. The ranch was built and once owned by actor Leo Carrillo. There are rustic old adobe buildings, antique windmills, a reflecting pool and much more. The ranch is full of native flora and fauna. One of the first things that visitors are treated to seeing are many peafowl on the property. To find out a little of the history of the ranch click here Leo Carrillo History
The Peacocks put on a great show strutting their stuff.
The reflecting pool had to be redesigned to be 18 inches deep to avoid having to install an ugly fence around it.
The paths are lined with beautiful plants and the birds they attract.
The back side of a peacock strutting is just as impressive as the front view!
The Leo Carrillo Ranch is a fun place to visit. The link to more images Leo Carrillo
The link to the slideshow


  1. Your shots are wonderful, LaRee. The first one of the peacock is a stunner:~)

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    2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Greg!

  2. I agree, really like the first peacock shot. Having the stonework and old ranch building in the background gives a nice effect.