Monday, April 23, 2012

San Diego Botanical Garden

The San Diego Digital SLR group met at the San Diego Botanical Garden for April's group shoot. It was a cold and windy day that turned wet for a while. This group doesn't let a little wind and rain dampen our spirits though! We had a great time and made the best of it, enjoying great people and camaraderie in the process. The lily pond with frogs and turtles is a fun place in the gardens to visit and it was my first stop. 

I particularly like when I can capture the reflection of a lily in the water. Even if it is just a partial reflection like the shot below.

Of course there were many many different types of flowers in the botanical garden. I thought of my friend Bonnie when I saw this Calla Lily and I had to stop for a photo of it.

Plenty of different colors in the garden.

Of course with all of the colorful flowers, there were birds of all types. The hummingbirds in particular are frequent visitors in the garden.

I am getting kind of carried away with the number of photos I'm posting in this entry so instead of getting too too carried away, I'll leave you with a link to a few more images from the day here and of course my favorite way to view the images are in a slide show


  1. Great stuff! Love the hummer photos.

  2. You do such great work, LaRee--thanks for sharing your vision with your inimitable professionalism.