Sunday, October 7, 2012

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument is said to be a "mini Bryce Canyon". I couldn't fathom how something so large could be called "mini" anything! Here are a few links if you'd like to learn more about the area. The first link is the  National Parks Service and this one is from Utah dot com and here is the link to wikipedia if you'd like to check out  wikipedia  
We took a short walk around the rim around 2 miles out and another 2 back. It was an easy walk, but I did find myself a bit light headed from being over 10,000 feet, we were at 10,300 here. I think that 10,000 feet may be my personal altitude trigger because I wasn't dizzy walking around Bryce. I'd get winded and have to catch my breath quicker than I am used to, but I wasn't dizzy walking in Bryce. Here at Cedar Breaks the area was empty. There were only a couple other cars in the parking lot at the visitor center. The weather was perfect and the skies were a beautiful compliment to the amazing landscape. There was a sign next to the first sign post I'll share here that said, "Exposed cliff edges watch your children". Uh yep, that is good advice. Better watch YOUR step too!

This is a nine frame vertical panoramic of part of the amphitheater at Cedar Breaks

The horizontal panoramas don't work real well on this blog so I encourage you to click on over to my gallery and look at the panoramas there. Here is the link:


  1. Beautiful pictures Laree! Love them all. Talk about amazing. I've been to Cedar Breaks once before but it was during winter. Unfortunately there was so much snow on the ground that I didn't get an opportunity to see it myself. One day soon I hope to revisit the breaks as well as Bryce. Looks like you had a great time. You gotta tell me about how that trip was. Hopefully one of these weekends we can catch and going photographing together. Hope all is well. :)

    1. I'd love to get together and catch up. I miss you! This was a great trip and not *too* far away. It was a quick trip but very enjoyable.

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  3. Amazing photos, LaRee! Makes me want to go there, like right now.

  4. It was beautiful Rae. I think going at the tail end of monsoon season provided those beautiful skies. It also got us a wee bit wet on one hike and hailed on too. It was so worth it though. I can't wait to go back.