Saturday, August 23, 2014

Comic Con San Diego 2014

Comic Con is a big event in San Diego. I think that our downtown gets more packed with people than at any other time of year. The tickets to get in to the actual Convention Center that houses the Comic Con are getting harder to obtain every year. A friend of mine told me that this year they somehow gave preference to out of town folks to get tickets over locals. I don't know how that works. I do know that it is a BIG deal and pretty pricey to get the tickets. I don't feel the need for a ticket to Comic Con to enter the Convention Center. There is plenty of entertainment all over downtown during this event. Just hanging out in front of the Convention Center and watching the crowd is incredibly fun and entertaining. Below you will find some photos I came home with from this years event and a link to a gallery of more. 

Every year there are a group of people trying to save the heathen Comic Con attendees. Because if you believe in Batman you must be heathen right?

You can see this dude in head to toe by clicking the gallery link at the bottom of the post here.

I am not sure what this monkey did to piss the transit enforcement off, but you'll see a series of photos in my gallery. They even made him take his shoes off!

I don't get most of the costumes but I still can appreciate them!


Head on over to my full 2014 Comic Con gallery. You just might see something that tickles your fancy, makes you shake your head or both.


  1. Great stuff LaRee. Lots of head-shaking material here. I know we were there on the same day, but you seem to have seen much more than I did.

    1. Thanks Frank. I was thinking it was slim pickings compared to last year. Next year I'm sticking closer to you. I like that area next to Petco to start the day off and I missed that this year. Always a fun time at Comic Con though. It is quite an adventure. Even Ace liked it and said he wants to join me again next year.