Saturday, October 8, 2016

Haha Hats Sale

The San Diego Hat Company has a sale every year in October. They put out boxes of assorted hats. There are hats of every size and shape for every gender. Nothing is sorted and it adds to the fun of the hunt the way they are just jammed into boxes. You never know what you'll find in a particular box. My sister and I hadn't been in a few years. We made up for that on this visit by having extra fun.

We didn't purchase all of the hats we tried on. Part of the fun is taking photos of these crazy hats while we are hunting for the ones to bring home.

The gigantic brim on some of the hats is large enough to provide shade for the whole body. But how does anyone wear these?

The next two hats are ones that I wish I had taken home with me. They were both way too hot to be practical in San Diego. But they sure have style!

Counting up the hats.

The hats tried to leap off the check out table. We had a pile of them and thoughts of the perfect person to have them on their heads. 

On our way out. We are loaded down. I have bags of hats on each shoulder and one in my hand. My sis strikes a pose with hats in hand to help tell the story.

I've shared just about all of the photos that I took at the sale here. There are a few more in the hats gallery if you feel like taking a peek at more crazy hats. We go on the first day, first thing in the morning of the sale. Retailers are known to swoop in and buy large amounts of hats when the sale opens to resell. They can sell them for 10 times the sale price, so it is a wise business move. I think we came home with some really wonderful hats and had incredible fun too.


  1. Ah, had I known I would have gone too. I love hats!

  2. Love the hat sale! Hard to choose, so it's cool to just take as many home as we can and try to pass them off unto our unsuspecting friends! Great shots, LaRee. It was a wonderful day.

  3. Rae, it is a blast. All kinds of cool and funny hats to see.

  4. Cool. I hope you got the one in the second picture.

    1. No, that one didn't come home with me. It is a very cool hat, but they can't all come home. It is very easy to spend too much money even at $5.00 a hat. We do come home with quite a few though.