Thursday, January 27, 2011

Flying Sea Rats

I fondly remember going to feed the seagulls with my dad when I was a little girl. As soon as we would pull into the parking lot, the gulls would start gathering. They knew my dad's little red Volkswagen well. I remember them being more mannered back then, less aggressive than they appear to me now.
I think just about everyone that grew up where I did consider seagulls a bit of a flying rat. They are bold birds that have stolen food right out from in front of people. They did that routine regularly at the schools I attended growing up. The lunch "arbor" was a buffet for the local seagulls. Many times over the years I've had to keep the gulls away from taking a unknowing tourist's bag of lunch off their towel while they were out for a swim. The first time I heard someone call a seagull a Flying Sea Rat (I think it was my sister), I knew I would always think of seagulls as Flying Sea Rats.
I was visiting Sunset Cliffs on the look out for big surf and surfers. A man came up and climbed a bit down the cliffs with a big bag of all kinds of junk. He threw the food in the air and the seagulls put their show on.

This gull got a goose with it's bread. Looks like a new species.

I uploaded 13 of the photos that I took in the 10 minutes standing there watching the man feed the seagulls. Here is a link to the rest: More seagulls from this day.

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