Friday, January 14, 2011

A Walk to Clear My Head

Along the way I've been asked if I have a blog. It seems that facebook and twitter are not enough. Some of my clients and friends like a blog format and don't like the other social networking possibilities. So here I am, starting a blog for those of you who have requested. Now that I've finally set it up, I will try and post new content at the very least monthly, if not more often.
Yesterday was a beautiful day for visiting the Urban Tree exhibit along the embarcadero in San Diego. Determined to leave all of my worries at least for a little bit, I packed my camera and took advantage of the nice weather. First up is Bayside Dance, sculptor: Frank Lee Cota.

Of course I can never pass up anything reflective and shiny! This next Urban Tree puts two things dear to my heart together. A dolphin balancing a reflective ball on his nose! Precision by Ken Smith.

It didn't last long, but I am happy that I caught this pigeon rush around this sculpture. Handstand by Daniel Stern.

Read more about the Urban Trees here: Port of San Diego Urban Trees Exhibit
To view my gallery of images from the exhibit. My Urban Tree Gallery


  1. Nice start to your blog LaRee. Look forward to reading it as you add more posts.

  2. Great job, LaRee. My fav image is the last one. Sorry I badgered you to have a blog, but I think you'll find it very rewarding. Your format looks fine to me. My blog evolved for the first six months. It's not as creative as some, but I think that the photos and content shoould be the focus. Again, Great Job and welcome to the blogosphere.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement my friends!

  4. Very well done. Sometimes it's hard to come up with content, but if you use it as a journal, then the thoughts will flow. Especially if you are using it in connection with a project! I'm sure it will be an interesting evolution, a progressing entity. ;)

  5. Just checking out your blog again. I really like the last pic with the pigeons.

  6. Thank you clh and Rae. I appreciate the encouragement!