Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Full Moon

So the buzz this weekend was all about the "Supermoon". You can read about it on NASA website here: NASA webpage Super Full Moon In my neck of the woods it was a challenge to see the moon at all. We had a layer of clouds that obscured the moon from sight. Fortunately I had went out the night before to photograph the moonrise. Many thanks to my friend Frank for arranging the shoot. We had to wait until the moon was quite high in the sky for it to come out from behind the cloud cover. Even though the moon looks small, the colors were appealing with the light dusk sky.

I was able to get a photo of the full moon on Friday night, not so on Saturday night. I'd think they looked pretty much the same though!

There was a bit of nice blue filling the frame while waiting for the moon to show up on Saturday night.

The moon did make a very slight and quick appearance though. At least I can say I didn't miss this historic moon even if it is just a hint of a suggestion of a full moon.


  1. Those are freakin' awesome, little sis!

  2. These are great LaRee. Looks like you had a good time out there. I'm jealous:~)

  3. absolutely phenom! I can see each one as a beautiful big wall hanging!

  4. LaRee,
    These are breathtaking. Each one is GREAT. My favorite is the last one...beautiful!

    Terry O'

  5. I wish you were there too Greg! Thanks Terry and Thelma. :)