Monday, May 29, 2017

Steel Wool and Fireworks

Last night I had an opportunity to meet with some photographers from the Meet Up group, "Best places to photograph in San Diego"

The founder of the group, Randy Miller provided the group with a fun warm up to the Sea World fireworks show that started at 9:50 pm. Below you will see my take from the steel wool show Randy provided. I fumbled around a bit for the first few frames, but I got dialed in finally. I need a much wider lens for this. I didn't know how things would be set up, or how close I would be to the action. I love night photography and I wish I could manage to join more of these meet ups. I'm very glad I was able to get off the waitlist and join tonight. I was fumbling when the fireworks started and they only last for 5 minutes. I knew I didn't have time to adjust much, so I just shot blindly. You can check out all 45 photos I took in this gallery.

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