Sunday, January 8, 2017

Bud's Annual Burning 

Our friend Bud has a tradition in January of gathering a bunch of Christmas Trees and assorted other combustible materials for a VERY LARGE BIG BURN at Fiesta Island. We got an invitation this year and it was quite fun. Good people and a VERY BIG BONFIRE. The first pile lit had at least 4 Christmas trees in it along with some large wood from a growing tree that was chopped down and donated for the cause. The first photo is the beginning. Yes, it started this way. This will show you how fast a Christmas tree that has been hanging around in your home for a couple weeks will burn. There were at least 15 trees there to burn, maybe more. There was one that was very fresh and took much longer to burn than most. Most were completely burned in less than 90 seconds. The wood that was from a neighbors tree burned slow and hot and provided an excellent base for the fire. I imagine that pit still has hot coals in it 24 hours later. Those of you who have been around a fire with me know that I like to dance around the fire moving with a long shutter. You'll see some of what I came away with in the gallery I put up here.


  1. Wow, that last photo looks like a demon is emerging from the flames. Great shots!

  2. wow, wow, wow! Flames shooting so high into the sky, looked like better than 15 feet~! Love all the little sparkley crobots flying home, too. The last shot looks like some kind of firey being, with skinny hot arms and an intense profile. So much fun! Did you throw a wreath or two into the pyre?

  3. Oh no, my wreath goes on the back fence. It'll be #7. The fire at some points was over 20 ft high flames easily. Interesting to see how the fresh trees burned slower. Others were completely gone in a matter of a few seconds! The heat when the fire was stoked with a tree was crazy intense! I was glad to be using my crop frame camera and a zoom!